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Ready Saver One - A Compound Interest Story

Let's play a game. We'll match up the strategies of two savers to see who ends up better off at retirement.

So You Think You Can Trade? Active Vs. Passive Investing

My first job out of school was working in compliance for an investment firm.   Compliance ensures a firm is meeting regulatory expectations ( following the rules ). It's an interesting position to be in, you need to be on top of everything. You work with nearly every department. Dealing with traders, research analysts, investment bankers,  never a dull moment . What amazed me working here was how much effort went into every investment decision. Teams of super-bright people (CFAs, MBAs, PhDs and the like) constantly analyzing companies, industries and the greater economy. Company visits, conference calls, mulling over financial statements, research reports, the 24/7 newsfeed,  the work never stops . This tremendous effort is not uncommon in the investment industry. It's the standard. It is a highly competitive environment. You might have a team of brilliant people equipped with the newest technology, but so does the firm down the street. Having said all that, it is sti