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Bias For Clarity

Bias for action. Gets things done. Go-getter. Traits companies big and small look for. And for good reason, you're being hired to do things! However, action is a secondary step that often overshadows the primary step, direction.   Clear direction is the foundation that enables our actions to takeoff. Without it, we're stuck in the mud.  Striving for clarity is an underrated skill. Having the courage to ask ( seemingly ) obvious questions, and to check in, making sure we're all on the same page. "O bvious " questions are a low risk, high reward way to add value. At worst, you'll add confidence to our actions. At best, you discover a misalignment that saves us from a dead-end.  The more people, the more clear we need to be. The bigger the initiative, the bigger the risk of reaching the finish line, only to realize expectations were off.  Success is always uncertain. But we can be certain about what we want and what everyone's job is. Things that can be clea

Norbert's Gambit: How To Convert Money For Cheap

Most places charge 2% to convert currency. If you're a Canadian investor with Canadian Dollars, purchasing US stocks can be costly. Luckily there's a solution.

Emergency Stop: Circuit Breakers Explained

Recently, the markets have been incredibly volatile. With stock prices moving violently up and down (mostly down) without pause. On any given day, a 10% change in either direction. This is a time of great uncertainty and investors hate uncertainty . Many will panic and sell, retreating to the safety of cash. With more sellers than buyers, there's a downward pressure on prices. When prices fall, more investors panic and start selling too. This vicious cycle can lead to disaster. To prevent this, or at least to soften the landing, regulators have controls in place. Taking A Break A  circuit breaker  is a temporary pause in trading, enforced during wild market conditions. The idea is to give traders a chance to take a step back so they can make better, more informed decisions. Circuit breakers apply to broad market indices as well as individual securities. Market Level Circuit Breakers Circuit breakers are trigged at a predetermined levels. The S&P 500 for example ha

ELI5 - Why Cut Interest Rates?

In the midst of market downturns, there's always a huge push for central banks to cut interest rates . Today we'll break down how interest rates work and their impact on the economy.

ELI5 - Why Buy Bonds?

We've talked a lot about stocks, today let's take a look at the safer side of portfolios and talk about the value of bonds.

ELI5: Market Corrections

With doomsday forecasts dominating the headlines, let's take a step back to understand what "market corrections" are so we can better grasp what's going on.